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My Other Family Lines

These are also part of my family line.

Please look through these names.  My Quinn family is my father's paternal side.  However, my father's maternal side is an absolutely HUGE family, with information stretching back over hundreds of years!
Check through the family names listed below.  If you think you might have a connection, please contact me.  Many thanks to all my cousins who have helped me compile this information!
MALTAIS/MALTESE/MALTESTE  (Link for website on "Links" page)
GAGNON (on "Links" page)
TREMBLAY (included with other family members - married into families)
ALLAIRE (included with other family members - married into families)
(among several others scattered throughout this information)
On my mother's side of the family, once again, this is a huge collection of family and names.  Here is just a short list of a few names associated on my maternal side of the family.  (Thanks again to many cousins!)
ROE  (website included on "Links" page)
TEAGUE (website included on "Links" page)
USSERY (website included on "Links" page)
STOCKTON (website included on "Links" page)

Do you think this might be part of your family? If so, drop me a line!

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