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More Family photos

More photos found in various places:


My dad Eugene Quinn and his mother Lillian Quinn.
Photo taken about 1919 in Cedar Rapids, IA
(this photo was found in a box of my mother's quilt
scraps, tucked inside a folded piece of fabric)


Great uncle Germain Quinn
Born 28 May 1866, Minneapolis, MN
Died 12 April 1956 Minneapolis, MN
Germain was one of my more fascinating relatives.
He was in show business his entire life.


This is my dad - Eugene William "Babe" Quinn.
The photo was taken in June 1939


This photo was taken in 1908 in Minneapolis, MN.  The restaurant was owned by Frank's sister and brother in law.
Although I am not positive - I believe the man on the left was Frank's brother William W. Quinn, who died in 1912.  (Frank is obviously on the right)