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Bits and Pieces

Various tidbits we've found out about the family

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I'll take the information in the same order as the list of James and Catherine's children.  These are just bits and pieces we've discovered about them in our searches.
George H. Quinn - George never married.
James M. Quinn - married 24 October 1863 to: Bridget Elizabeth Irvine. James M. was a lumberman (timber cruiser), real estate agent, and owned a summer resort on Lower Cullen Lake near Nisswa, MN.  It was called Quinn Cabins back then.  Now known as the Good Old Days Resort.
Children of James M. and Bridget Elizabeth: Ralph Quinn (married Mayme McGarry), James J., Emily (married Frank McCabe), Frances Jean (married Elmer E. Wobig), and Marguerite (also known as Margaret.)  Margaret never married.
Francis Phillip Quinn - please see the page regarding Francis.
Mary Anne Quinn - never married.
Joseph P. Quinn - married Amelia ___.  Widower.  No children located.
Germain Quinn - perhaps the most interesting character of all!  Germain was in show business in one form or another for most of his life. As a young child, he ran away and joined the circus. Later on, he became a stage actor for a short period of time, before moving backstage and becoming a stage hand for the remainder of his life. He worked with some of the greatest singers and actors of his period, including Enrico Caruso and Sarah Bernhardt.
Germain was the author of a book (no longer in print) titled "50 Years Backstage", written in 1926.  There are only three known to still be in existence.
In the very early 1900's, Germain was accosted and stabbed one night while leaving the theater after a performance.  He lived, but never fully recovered from his wounds.
In his later years, Germain became ill with Alzheimer's.  He was known to have been in a nursing home in Fargo, ND for a period of time - The Little Sisters of The Poor.  Before this occurred though, Germain was known to disappear for as much as 2-3 years at a time, then suddenly show up at one of his sibling's doorstep not long before supper.  He would chat and visit with the family until time to eat.  After dinner, Germain would quickly leave, and maybe not be seen again for years. 
William W. Quinn - The W. is believed to stand for Wallace.  William was a life member of Woodmen of The World.  No record of marriage has been located.
Katherine (Katie) Quinn - married William Howard Johnston.
Peter A. Quinn - There is almost no information concerning Peter.  It is not known if he was ever married.  One of the few records located shows he was a witness on a marriage license for his brother Charles Sumner Quinn.
The only other information to surface is as follows: Early on the morning of 8 September 1909, a woman named Ann appeared in the offices of St. Anthony Cemetery in Minneapolis, and purchased a plot.  By that afternoon, Peter was buried. No record of death has been located yet.  Circumstances surrounding his death and location are unknown.  Update 7/2007 - The mystery of Bert has been solved at last!
Helen M. (Nellie) Quinn - married Robert Vance.

If anything sounds even slightly familiar, please don't hesitate to contact me!