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Clan Quinn of Ireland

An old Irish family Clan

There is also another purpose for this web site.  The Clan Quinn is an old, original Clan of Ireland, descended from the high kings.  The Clan information is recorded in the history of Ireland, and I won't go into the difficult details concerning the history, as it can be found on the Internet.  I'll just give a quick overview of our history as a whole.  I can say, it IS interesting reading, and I do suggest looking it up and studying it.
The Quinns are descended from King Niall, high king of Ireland. Some records say that Niall was the first to use a surname, others state that his grandson Conn (of A Hundred Battles) was the first.  Either way, it is this family line that first chose to use a surname.
According to some records, it has been proven that Conn first used the surname O'Coinne.  Through history, the name has gradually evolved to the present day Quinn. 
Although it is not so common now, not so long ago the spelling of the name denoted religion. QUIN was for those of Protestant faith, while QUINN was for those of Catholic faith.
Our Clan Quinn is closely associated with and related to Clan Gallagher, Clan O'Brien, Clan Cian, and Clan Kielty.  Records and information on the Quinns can also be found in their family histories.