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The rest of my families!

By the time I got into family history research, most of my maternal lines had already been researched by other family members.  I now devote my time to finding missing links, filling in blanks if possible, and helping when and where I can to connect and confirm information.
It is with deep gratitude I would like to thank the STOCKTON, ROE, TEAGUE, MORROW, REEL AND USSERY families for their generosity in sharing my lineage information with me.  Without them, I would still be "lost" in searching for where I come from.
Some of the researchers have requested that I not publish online the information they have worked so hard to compile.  I will honor that request to them as a heartfelt thank you for sharing with me.  If any surname posted here possibly links with your family, please email me, and we can compare notes for a possible connection!
I am currently hard at work on the following family lines:
John Joseph Roe of Texas
Hugh Patton Stockton of Texas
William Albert and William Swaim Teague of Texas
The Ussery family line of Texas
The Margaret Amanda Morrow family line
The Daniel Reel family line
If you are connected to these families, please email me!  I will be getting very condensed versions of these  pages up and running as fast as I can!!

To contact me concerning the rest of the family lines, click here!