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My Quinn Family

My Quinn Data

I have more statistical information regarding most of the people listed here.  At the moment, I have not published it here.  If you would like more information concerning anyone listed here, please email me and I will do my best to help you!
John Quinn - born ca. 1785-90, region of Ballintra, County Donegal, Ireland (there is some evidence that points to John possibly being born in the area of Omagh, County Tyrone)  Update 7/2007   John's name was most likely Patrick John Quinn.  It is now looking more promising that he was born in Donegal.
Bridget Murphy - birth information same  Update 7/2007  Family information has now found that her name was actually Nancy.  It is possible she was Nancy Bridget or Bridget Nancy Murphy.  She was born in Leghowney, Donegal.
Donal Quinn, born 1814, Rosilly Bar, County Donegal, Ireland
James Quinn, born 1828, Ballintra, County Donegal, Ireland
William James Quinn, born 1836, Ballintra/Laghy?, County Donegal, Ireland
Patrick Quinn
Edward Quinn
Catherine Quinn
Mary Ann Quinn
Kathleen Quinn
remainder of children not found yet.
DONAL QUINN, born 1814, Rosilly Bar, County Donegal (son of John Quinn and Bridget Murphy)
Married ANNIE ____
Children of Donal and Annie:
Edward, born 1841, Rosilly Bar. Died 1904.
Married: Catherine Cassidy, born ___, Leghowney, County Donegal
Mary, married Charlie McDade 
Patrick, married Bridget Travers
Catherine - no information currently
JAMES QUINN, born 1828, Ballintra, County Donegal. (son of John Quinn and Bridget Murphy). Died 7 November 1884, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Married: CATHERINE ANN OVERN, 23 August 1833, Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland.
Children of James and Catherine:
John, born 1852, Boston, MA.  Died 4 August 1896, Minneapolis, MN
George H., born 19 January 1854, Boston, Ma. Died 16 April 1946, Minneapolis, MN
James M., born 18 May 1856, Boston, MA. Died 14 February 1936, St. Paul, MN
Francis Phillip, born 12 April 1858, Minneapolis, MN. Died 5 August 1938, Westcliffe, Colorado
Mary Anne, born 11 June 1862, Minneapolis, MN. Died 14 November 1941, Minneapolis, MN
Joseph P., born 16 June 1863, Minneapolis, MN. Died 9 February 1923, Minneapolis, MN
Germain, born 28 May 1866, Minneapolis, MN. Died 12 April 1956, Minneapolis, MN
William W., born 8 May 1868, Minneapolis, MN. Died 18 November 1912, Minneapolis, MN
Charles Sumner, born 14 February 1870, Minneapolis, MN. Died 25 June 1934, Minneapolis, MN
Katherine (Katie), born 3 June 1871, Minneapolis, MN. Died 22 May 1931, St. Paul, MN
Peter A., born 25 November 1875, Minneapolis, MN. Died August, 1909, Mitchell, SD
Helen M. (Nellie), born 23 April 1877, Minneapolis, MN.

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