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Found photos of the families

In digging through boxes left behind from various family members, I have run across many old photos.
Since it seems that for at least my mother and father, saving old photographs of the family was not a favored thing - each one of these are precious, irreplaceable, and beyond value.


My grandfather: Francis Phillip "Frank" Quinn
Born 12 April 1858, Minneapolis, MN
Died 29 July 1938, Westcliffe, CO
Photo taken in 1936 in Florence, CO



My dad
Eugene William Quinn
Born 29 August 1916, Cedar Rapids, IA
Died 16 September 1980, Canon City, CO
Photo taken August 1940, Anacosta Station, Washington, DC


Grandda Frank
Photo taken about 1890-1900
in Minneapolis, MN

My grandmother
Lillian Frances Maltais Duffy Quinn
Born 21 January 1882, Rudolph, WI
Died 13 July 1967 Canon City, CO
photo taken Easter Sunday 1956,
Denver, CO