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The Latest Update Page

This page contains the newest information we have discovered.  This includes any new family information we have found but not officially categorized, and any changes of information we have found.

DISCOVERY MADE - October 2006
The mystery of the life of my great uncle Peter A. (Bert) Quinn has been solved at last.  Please see the navigation menu for the story!
INFO received 2006
New family connections have been found.  While we are not sure yet exactly WHERE they connect, we have verified through relatives that they and their descendants were all family.  Please read through and see if anything matches your family information.
Please note:  These families are known to have lived in the area of Ballintra village.  However, I have just discovered through a recently found cousin that they were actually in Ballinakillew Mountain, The Oucht, Lisnapaste, Leghowney, Rosilly Bar.  
The Daniel Quinn family had a farm that was located "at the top of the street in Ballintra village."  Right after 1800, the family was forced from this land and relocated to another farm in Lisnapaste.  Today the Church of Ireland stands on this original land.  (My cousin's family.)
Also in this area were families called the John Quinn family, (mine), the Patrick Quinn family and the Andrew Quinn family.  There were actually TWO Patrick Quinn families and it was claimed that one was related, one was not.  This was in the 1800's.  Later descendants said they were both related to us.
Concerning the Andrew Quinn family, this is what I was told:  Daniel Quinn and his wife were expecting a baby.  An old, old man named Andrew Quinn came over and asked them if the baby was a boy, would they name it Andrew.  He had no children and wanted his name to carry on.
The baby was a boy, and he was named Andrew.  He was born in 1879.  This was my cousin's father.  The old man moved in with my cousin's grandparents and lived with them until his death.  By this time, he was extremely old - possibly as old as 100 or more.
Young Andrew did inherit the farm.  He raised his family there and sold it in his later years.  The farm was sold to ANOTHER Patrick Quinn - we are not sure yet if they were related or not.  Today, the man's grandsons own this farm.  One still lives there.  This farm is located in Lisnapaste.
Concerning ALL of these farms:  They were all located in the area of Ballinakillew Mountain and they all bordered each other.  It stands to reason that all of these people were related to each other, given all of this information. We are currently on a world wide search to find descendants of all these people.
PLEASE bear with me on the use of Ballinakillew/Lisnapaste/The Oucht.  I am not familiar with the way many townlands and villages were named in Ireland, although I'm trying hard to learn.
It is my understanding that all of these names in fact refer to only one place.  If I am wrong, I will get them changed.  No matter what, I can state positively that my Quinn family came from all the named villages, townlands, etc.

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